Welcome to Northern Enterprise Advanced Wiki

Welcome to the Northern Enterprise Advanced Uncharted Waters Online Wiki.

This UWO Wiki will give you a TON of information, from Port Locations, to Aide Skills!! This UWO Wiki will expand over time to also cover things such as ships, quests, formulas, skills, and a variety of other area's that UWO has. I hope it helps.


It has been brought to my attention that there are currently 2 companies hosting this incredible game. One that we all know of, is NetMarble and the other is gPotato. From my understanding, gPotato has only been hosting this game since July. Both company clients connect to the same server, so gPotato is not a new server.

After several days of investigation, I have concluded that Vertical Sails are only Mediocre at best in terms of ship speeds, Read my review Here.

You can also find a GPS Program that works off of your Surveying skill by reading the coordinates displayed by Surveying, thus it's completely legitimate and does not violate the EULA or UWO :D Read More Here

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I will list on this main page the approximate percentile progression of each section

Foodstuffs - 70%
Skills - 100%
Ships - 30%
Livestock - 70%
Northern Europe - 10%
Western Europe 10%
Aides 8%
Guides 5%
Quests 3%
Jobs 13%

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Disclaimer - Guides and various other data has been compiled from a variety of sources, those not directly credited or cited can be found all over the place with no known credit, if you wrote any of these guides please inform me so I can credit accordingly.