Quest Details
Genoa Maritime Mediator: "Genoa is like its own country. The people work to protect it, so there's lots of jobs for Soldiers. This next request is from a youth here who wants to know about a weapon that was found at their home. Just talk to them."

In-depth Details
Part 1: Speak with Young Man NPC. (Between Crafts Shop and Item Shop by some boxes)
Part 2: Speak with Shopkeeper.
Part 3: Head to Marseilles and speak with Shopkeeper.
Part 4: Turn in to Genoa Maritime Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
Young Man: "You made it! The thing I wanted to show you was this strange bow. My friends say it's a crossbow, but I don't know any more. So could you take this to a store and get it looked at? If you write it all in a report, I'll read it very carefully."

Part 2 -
Shopkeeper: "Ha ha! That's an arbalest, used by mercenaries from Genoa. When they were looking for the French, it was used to fight the English army. It had a long range and tremendous power but it was overwhelmed by the enemy's longbows. Go and show to the store in Marseilles."

Part 3 -
Marseilles Shopkeeper: "That's quite right. It belonged to a Genovese mercenary. But when they were fighting the English, they took too long to load. The enemy were trained to fire quickly and accurately with long bows. Anyway, gunpowder came along pretty soon. Both of them fell out of use."

- 2,500 Ducats
- 20 Battle Experience
- 8 Battle Fame
- Quest Mediation Permit

Historical Reference

Passing Comments
I don't know if its just me, but this quest made me feel a little strange. I have a feeling that the kids gonna accidentally shoot himself with the crossbow. ALSO, why am I doing this kids research paper for him?