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Adventure is the hardest class to lvl in UWO both in any stage of the game and is usually the last to be maximized by expert players because it is very time consuming and there is no way to speed the process if you are playing alone.

This guide was original made by starcrossed.

How to gain quick experience and fame as a beginning Adventurer:

This can be done solo but has better results in a group as you get nearly twice the fame if you all turn in the quests at once.

Step One - Getting to Athens:


All three Intermediate schools complete so that you have the three Adventure job permits
500 adventure fame, which you should get from the schools.

Helmsperson for skills.






Once you have the prerequisites, you will need to take a trip to Seville so you can begin what many of us call the 588-91. This refers to the quest rewards that the quests give, 58,800 ducats and 9,100 ducats respectively. You will need to go to the Adventure’s guild and speak to the Mediator to begin one of these quests.

588 - The Middle of the Atlantic
This quest gives a reward of 58,800 ducats. All it requires is sailing west from Seville until you find an island chain that consists of three small islands known as the Azores. Once you are amongst them, you use recognition to ‘discover’ the islands. You then return to Seville and turn the quest in, netting a few hundred exp and fame as well as 58,800 Ducats.

91 - The Tip of the Iberian Peninsula

Because you cannot repeat a quest, you need a filler quest after you do 588. This quest is normally a quest to Faro for 9,100 ducats known as the Tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It is quick and will allow you to start 588 again quickly. However, if this quest is not available any quick quest to Malaga or Lisbon also works to speed up the process. You will need to do this until you reach 2,000 adventure fame.

Step Two - Raising Archaeology







For step three, level 4 Archaeology is required. The quickest way to do this is to head to Genoa. In Genoa there is a level 1 geography quest that takes you to Naples to speak to the scholar and then find an item in the Naples melee combat zone. Once that is done, you can turn the quest in at the Tavern and pick up an Archaeology quest that sends you back to Genoa to speak to the Scholar there. This quest sends you back to Naples to dig another item. You will need to repeat this process till you have level 4 Archaeology.

To maximize this process, you should be in a group. Pick a person to go first to discover the item. Everyone else stands back far enough that they cannot discover the item yet. This person with get between 20-40 proficiency. You then allow a second person to come dig while the original person stays in place. The second person and the first person obtain 20-40 proficiency, allowing the first to now collect 40-80 proficiency in one trip. You do this until everyone has discovered, then next time allow someone else in the group to go first. Take turns, work together.

An alternate way to do this step is to reach level 2 Archaeology, then repeat the Archaeology school quest to Tunis repeatedly in a group until you reach level four. This, however, requires you almost be finished with Advanced Adventure school.

Step 3 - Arriving in Athens:



2,000 Fame


Arabic - Can learn in Genoa Merchant GM

Greek - Can learn in Naples Merchant GM

Treasure Appraisal - Can learn in Lisbon Adventure GM

Unlock - Should have learned when switching to Excavator

This is the final step in fame farming for beginners. With this quest line, in a group, you can easily obtain 10,000-15,000 fame in just a few days of constant, determined farming. Possibly even 500-1000 an hour if you do it right.

You will need to go to Athens. In Athens you will need to pick up the quest The Sultans. This quest will send you to Beirut where you must speak to the Scholar. The Scholar will send you into the Alexandria wilds to discover something. Turn this quest in at the Alexandria Tavern and pick up Mourning a Greek Tragedy quest which takes you back to Athens to speak to the Scholar and discover something in the Athens wilds. You can run these two quests repeatedly and make possibly 100,000 ducats every 30-60 minutes while gaining massive fame and experience.

Edit: The Sultans requires Appraisal level 4, Unlock level 2. If you do not want to level that you can alternately get Town Dedicated to Love from Athens to Famagusta.

Things to note:

Any nation can do this.

Quests that send you to a scholar normally require you to read a book.

This method may not be for everyone as they may get bored repeating the quest lines