Here I will explain how yo use the GPS program at it's default, trial and error o your part is required for advanced features.

Step 1: Window Mode
Ensure your playing UWO in window mode, as the GPS is a 3rd party program and has it's own window.

Step 2: Run the program
Launch the program from where you extracted the files to.

Step 3: Leave port
Exit the port your in and enter the open seas.

Step 4: Use Surveying
Enable your Surveying Skill.

Step 5: Don't Cover Surveying
This step is vital to ensure the GPS program functions properly, I'm including 2 images that depict the proper GPS window placement.


In this image, you'll notice that I have enabled Surveying, but because the GPS window is covering the surveying window, the GPS program cannot read the information. As a result, the GPS program will not function properly.


Now in this image, you'll notice that I have Surveying activate also, but because the GPS program is not covering the Surveying skills window, the GPS program will function as it is intended to.

I hope this helps you to get this program working for you!!