Jeanne D Arc

Quest Details
Marseilles Maritime Mediator: "We got a job you'll love! It involves researching a female knight who played a key role in a war this country fought for over 100 years. Her name was Joan of Arc. You've heard of her, right? A girl here wants to know about her accomplishments"

In-depth Details
Part 1: Speak with City Girl (she's standing South of the Archives in green)
Part 2: Speak with Francois Rabelais at Rabelais Estate.
Part 3: Turn in to Marseilles Maritime Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
City Girl: "I was waiting for you! Have you head of Joan of Arc, who lead an army when she was a teenager? It's inspirational isn't it! But I don't know what she actually did. I think Francois Rabelais, who lives in the Mansion should know more about her. Will you talk to him for me?"

Part 2 -
Francois Rabelais: "Ay. Joan was heading to Orleans, volunteering for the Crown Prince. Nobody expected anything from her, but she released the town from a siege by its enemies. That ended a war that had been going on for decades. That's why people called her the Maid of Orleans."

Prompt: Joan of Arc. She was a remarkable leader who put together an army of volunteers and released a town from a siege, gaining the name, the Maid of Orleans.

- 700 Ducats
- 10 Battle Experience
- 15 Battle Fame

Historical Reference