Mourning A Tragedy

Quest Details
Alexandria Adventurer Mediator: "Ancient Greece wasn't so much of a country as it was a collection of city states. They say the most powerful of these cities was Sparta. The Spartan Army was renowned for their prowess on the battlefield, but it is said they were demolished by the Persians. Verify this with the scholar in Athens."

In-depth Details
Part 1: Head to Athens and speak with the Scholar in the Archives.
Part 2: Browse Archaeology book
Part 3: Head out of the Northwest Gate of Athens. Use Observe if you have it to find the location or head west towards a large tree. Search northwest of the large tree to the last small tree closest to the wall.
Part 4: Turn in to Alexandria Adventurer's Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
Athens Scholar: "I believe you're talking about the 2nd Persian war at Thermopylae. Although Leonidas, the king of the Spartans fought bravely there, it is said that his army was destroyed because of a single traitor. For more details, have a look in my library."

Part 2 -
The Battle of Thermopylae: "The brave Spartan King and his men fought against the advancing Persian army at the narrow pass at Thermopylae. However, they were betrayed by a soldier named Ephialtes. The Persian army advanced through a secret hidden path and performed a pincer attack on the Spartans. Despite this, the Spartans refused to surrender and everyone, including the king, died."

Part 3 -
Progress: The defeat of the Spartans was true. Thermopylae is northwest in the outskirts of Athens. There may be something there. Let's look for a large tree in the west.

- 63,000 Ducats
- 107 Adventure Experience (57 from Search, 50 for turning in)
- 55 Adventure Fame
- (1) Quest Mediation Permit