Sail Review

Imagine this is your compass, Notice the two lines on the outside of the compass, according to data obtained myself, I have deduced that this is a proper Horizontal/Vertical Optimization diagram.

According to my data, Vertical Sails only work best between 40 degrees and 320 degrees, 0 degrees being Direct Headwinds, while between 320 degrees and 40 degrees, 180 degrees being Direct Tailwinds, Horizontal Sails work the best.

Now, there is still a Downfall to going full Horizontal sails, In the Vertical Favoring Angles (Between 40 and 320, 0 being middle) the Horizontal sails drop to a near crawl, while the Vertical Sails, in Horizontal Favoring Angles (Between 320 and 40, 180 being middle) the Vertical sails maintain at least some level of speed.

Because of this data, I have Deduces that going a mixture of Approximately 30% Horizontal 70% Vertical is the most beneficial option, as 78% of the time, your sailing in Horizontal Favoring Winds, and only 22% of the time Sailing in Vertical Favoring Winds.

NOTE: This review is only for Pure Sail Ships, this does NOT include any Galleys or Rowing Style Ships, Additional Extensive Research will be required to form valid results for proper conclusions.