Stone Of Destiny

Quest Details
London Adventurer Mediator: "This is a request from a certain Scholar. do you know the "Coronation Stone"? It was a stone in ancient history that was used to enthrone Kings in England… Actually it appears that a real Coronation Stone exists. Go investigate and see if you can figure everything out."

In-depth Details
Part 1: Speak with the Barkeep in London Tavern
Part 2: Speak with Vicar in London Church (the one in the center of the city)
Part 3: Head to Edinburgh and speak with Parish Priest in the Church (because Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland)
Part 4: Speak with the Barkeep in Edinburgh Tavern
Part 5: Head back to London and speak with Vicar again.
Part 6: Turn in to London Adventurer Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
London Barkeep: "The Coronation Stone? You mean the one that's been used at coronation ceremonies for generations of English kings? It can still be found at Westminster Abbey… You're asking about the real Coronation Stone? It's said it was in Scotland years ago, but an English king took it by force."

Part 2 -
London Vicar: "The real Coronation Stone? The one kept in this town is known as the "Stone of Scone". It was a present from Scotland during the reign of Edward I. It was fitted into the chair used during coronations. It's said that, when the king ascends to the throne, his destiny is proclaimed. So that's the real Coronation Stone then, isn't it?"

Part 3 -
Edinburgh Parish Priest: "Kenneth I, the King of Scotland, defeated the Picts after a long war. He then moved what was called the Stone of Destiny from a Scottish town to a Pict town known as Scone. Thereafter, the Stone of Scone was stolen by the Norman King of England. And even now, it has not yet been returned to this land. You could hardly sat we gave that as a present!"

Part 4 -
Edinburgh Barkeep: "The Scots were a Celtic tribe that lived in northern Ireland. In the time of King Fergus, they crossed over to Britain and founded the Kingdom of Dalriada. At this time, they borrowed the Coronation Stone from the King of Ireland. The stone was passed down through the Scottish royal family for generations and used during coronations. But… it was then stolen by England."

Part 5 -
London Vicar: "Whether it was stolen, or given as a present, or even borrowed, only God knows the truth. Some stories even claim it was originally the Bethel Stone mentioned in the Book of Genesis that Jacob fell asleep on and had a prophetic dream. But why would that have been in Ireland? Let's just leave that mystery up to God."

- 50,000 Ducats
- 60 Adventure Experience
- 35 Adventure Fame
- (1) Quest Mediation Permit