The Admiral Hates Portugal

Quest Details
Seville Maritime Mediator: "Admiral Colon apparently despises Portugal. We've received a request from a youth who wants to know why. Seems his sailing plans were received harshly by Portugal. Ask at the port about how things went when he came home."

In-depth Details
Part 1: Speak with Port Official. (Port/Harbour)
Part 2: Speak with Shopkeeper.
Part 3: Speak with Palace Guard.
Part 4: Turn in to Seville Maritime Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
Port Official: "Colon was coming back from the Indies and just before he reached Spain, he hit a storm and had to put in at Lisbon. He probably really wanted to get home. Something probably happened there. Can you go and find out from the port officers in Lisbon"

Part 2 -
Lisbon Port Official: "Yes, Colon put in here. His ship was badly damaged. The king sent an invitation for an audience with him. Colon wanted to turn down the invitation… The palace guards probably know more details."

Part 3 -
Palace Guard: "It was an order from the king. Colon was brought to the castle. He was really angry. Why did he have to first report his arrival in the Indies to the king who had turned down his proposal to go there? Colon still hates this country because of that humiliation."

- 2,300 Ducats
- 20 Battle Experience
- 8 Battle Fame
- Quest Mediation Permit

Historical Reference