The Decision Of The Admiral

Quest Details
Genoa Maritime Mediator: "Ready for another job? Records show a Genoa citizen helped in the founding of the Portuguese navy. A Port Official here who wants to know the truth said it was mentioned in a letter received from a Portuguese writer. Get more details at the port."

In-depth Details
Part 1: Speak with Port Official. (Port/Harbour)
Part 2: Speak with Barkeep. (in Tavern)
Part 3: Speak with Scholar. (in Archives)
Part 4: Turn in to Genoa Maritime Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
Port Official: "A friend asked me a favour. The founder of the navy was the Great Portuguese Admiral, who was a Genovese called Pezagno. He asked me to find out about him. It's a bit of an old story, but maybe someone in a tavern knows about it. Can you help?"

Part 2 -
Barkeep: "That's Pezagno. He was a wealthy merchant who visited Portugal many times and gained the trust of the Portuguese king. Are there any records of him? You should ask a scholar."

Part 3 -
Scholar: "The Genovese Pezagno gained trust of the Portuguese king who allowed him to trade, in return he asked for twenty ship captains to be brought to Lisbon. Those captains were the highest calibre and the King had them command his ships. That was how the Portuguese navy began."

- 400 Ducats
- 20 Battle Experience
- 8 Battle Fame

Historical Reference
More about "Pezagno" -