The Golden Knights

Quest Details
Amsterdam Maritime Mediator: "I was waiting for you! We got a request from a youth here to look into the Order of the Golden Fleece. I've only heard of the myth of the Golden Fleece. I don't know what kind of order that might be. Anyway, why not meet the client?"

In-depth Details
Part 1: Talk to City Youth located on the south side of the building of where the Tavern is. (he's standing next to Fisherman's Wife)
Part 2: Talk with Guard by Governor's Mansion.
Part 3: Talk to Guard again.
Part 4: Turn in to Amsterdam Maritime Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
City Youth: "This area was once part of the Kingdom of France. At that time Philip, who ruled one part, began the Order of the Golden Fleece. But wasn't that tantamount to treason? Why did he do that? Perhaps the Governor's guards would know."

Part 2 -
Guard: "All I've heard about the Order of the Golden Fleece is not military but that they got all the influential noble everywhere involved. Mind you, it's been going for a long time. Do you want to hear more?"

Part 3 -
Guard: "In the end Philip never became king. But he showed loyalty to his own king. he was known as "Philip the Good". But he also developed the regions administration and started a national parliament. You can't deny he tried to give the people a sense of independence."

Prompt: Philip the Good's creation of the Order of the Fleece was the same as declaring independence for the area that's now the Netherlands. But Philip the Good himself never lost his loyalty to the king.

- 400 Ducats
- 10 Battle Experience
- 4 Battle Fame

City Youth NPC