The True Face Of The Brave

Quest Details
Lisbon Maritime Mediator: "A Soldier looking to improve their skills want to know about accomplishments made by Soldiers in the past. Why not talk to guard? After you've finished investigating, put it all in a report."

In-depth Details
Part 1: Speak with Guard (Royal Palace entrance)
Part 2: Speak with Port Official. (Port/Harbour)
Part 3: Turn in to Lisbon Maritime Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
Guard: "I'm glad you asked me that. Our king comes from a long line of brave warriors. And Prince Henrique who campaigned for territory, is just another one. The Prince put a lot into explorations and in developing towns. He's admired by all voyagers even now. If you don't believe me, go ask a port officer."

Part 2 -
Port Official: "Oh yes. Prince Henrique has certainly done a lot for the sailors. But he's never actually gone to see himself. If you want to keep a record for the Guild, go now and write it now before you forget."

Prompt: There once was a prince named Henrique who loved the sea, He gained a reputation as a military man, and put a lot into developing ships but he never went to sea himself.

- 600 Ducats
- 10 Battle Experience
- 15 Battle Fame

Historical Reference
Henry the Navigator -