To Be An Artist

Quest Details
Marseilles Adventurer Mediator: "There's a young man in town who wants to become an artist. The request is to find out the secret of what it takes to become a great success in the center of art, Italy. Success ultimately depends on the person themselves, but anyway, a request is a request. For now, go talk to the young man with the desire to become a Genoa artist."

In-depth Details
Part 1: Talk to Young Man in town. He is between the Craft Shop and Item Stop
Part 2: Talk to Genoa Merchant GM
Part 3: Talk to Guard. (Office of the Doge)
Part 4: Turn in to Genoa Adventurer Mediator or Barmaid.

Part 1 -
Young Man: "Artist… Well, if it was something I could do I'd do it. But I hear its pretty hard to make a living from it. You really need a patron. I even tried asking the trade guild about an introduction, but I haven't had much success."

Part 2 -
Genoa Merchant GM: "A Sponsor eh? Not really possible if the works don't become famous. If the Nobles and the wealthy don't recognise your skill, its not worth talking about. But there might be a way if you show then the work. Try asking the Palace Guards."

Part 3 -
Guard: "You can't bring that in here. However, palace dignitaries happen to be very interested in art and science. If you come across any works or relics, let us know, and you'll be rewarded according to its worth."

Progress: To make a living from art alone, you need support by having your ability recognised by the Nobles or Royalty.

- 2,400 Ducats
- 5 Adventure Experience
- 4 Adventure Fame
- (1) Quest Mediation Permit